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Prized Possession


Erwin is the third generation of his family to be in the military. His father and grandfather proudly served before him. Before his grandfather left to go to war, his grandmother placed a small book into his coat's breast pocket. She made him promise to carry the book with him at all times. As long as he carried the book, she knew he would return to her safely. Once his grandfather returned safely from war, the book was then passed onto his father. When his father was done serving, it was now Erwin's turn to carry the book. Once Erwin is discharged from the service, a chance meeting with a young girl will forever change both of their lives.

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Locked Up Lessons,
Time spent behind bars, changes a person, either for the good or the bad

Eighteen-year-old Jake Jensen grew up on the streets. He would do anything to survive, even rob an eighteen-year-old girl named Tayanita Jorden for her money. When she put up a fight, he became enraged and brutally attacked her
Jake was caught and found guilty. He was sentenced to six months in a correctional institution, followed by six months of probation with community service.
When he is released, he is assigned to do community service at the Heroes Haven Veterans home. By chance, it happens to be the same place where Tay is a volunteer.
Will Jake recognize Tay as the girl he had attacked? And if he knows it's her, will his old feelings come back to haunt him? Or will he be able to forgive himself for what he has done.


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